The “Blue Iris” is the first of the “Vision Portal” paintings. The painting is a vision of the radiant life and love Burgess felt and saw around him as he painted in the summer of 1966.

It is meant to give access to that loving radiance.


[canvas: 12’ x 8’]

Studies for "The Blue Iris" Vision Portal

Initial study of “The Iris”, 1965.


Burgess was inspired by the charismatic, glowing radiance of a blue iris from the flower stand outside City Hall in Philadelphia, PA.

Burgess’ study of  the “Stone” and the “Bread”, 1965.


During that same time period, Burgess saw an unusual stone with a glowing halo in the ground while creating a play space for his daughters in the yard of their home on Spring Street.


Burgess’ study of the “Bread”, 1965.


On the glass kitchen table in Burgess’ home was a particular piece of bread that was mesmerizing to him. The study displays cubic, dimensional reflections of the bread in space.

The original full study drawing for the “Philadelphia Vision”, 1965.


Burgess then combined the loving radiance of the “Blue Iris”, the “Stone” and the “Bread” in the first Vision Portal painting entitled “Blue Iris”.


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