The “Crocus” is the second of the “Vision Portal” paintings.  The vision Burgess had was the opening up of the sky itself which was induced by a complex musical chord from Poulenc’s “Gloria Mass”.  This vision/image is meant to have a sense of hopeful promise.



Studies for "The Crocus" Vision Portal

“Memory Forms of the Unmanifest - Cyberspace- 1988-eternity - The Seventh Aspect of “The Quiet Axis”

The 12th Mystery of the Filling Out


The “Crocus” represents a set of visions and texts from Burgess’ 7th aspect of his life-long work, “The Quiet Axis” called “Memory Forms of the Unmanifest”.

The 10th Mystery of the Matrix of Form


“Memory Forms of the Unmanifest” is a set of 24 revelations or mysteries that are a topology that is before and after creation.

The 7th Mystery of the Coming Into Existence


All 24 mysteries are radiant within the unseen golden light of the upholding which can be felt by us at any time.

The 2nd Mystery of the Circle


These interconnected mysteries are intended for full interactive telepresence in cyberspace.


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