The “Lily” is the third of the “Vision Portal” paintings.  It depicts drops of water ascending in slow motion.  Waters from the Earth become purified high above the earth, and re-enter the flow of earthly waters in the Diamond Spring at Valley Forge.  It’s meaning is that of purification and incarnation.


[canvas:  14’ x 9’]

Studies for "The White Lily" Vision Portal

“The Gate into Aether” - 1978- Infinity- The 7th Aspect of “The Quiet Axis”

Burgess study of “The Gate into Aether”.


“The Gate Into Aether” is the resulting upward splash of drops from the placement of the Utopic Vessel in the Pacific Ocean.

Distillation of “The Gate Into Aether” waters on the Dead Sea. Israel, 1983.


Burgess gathered waters from great rivers, geysers, waterfalls, holy wells, springs, lakes and seas into a halo of all the conditions of water.  Then in 1983, Burgess distilled “The Gate Into Aether” waters on the northern Dead Sea in Israel.

Burgess painting of “The Gate into Aether”.



“The Gate Into Aether” brings the memory of the world as water to itself.

The image of the pouring of the purified waters was transformed into sound and broadcast by short wave to the surface of the Moon. The radio waves returned to earth and were captured by a radio telescope then were made into a sonic hologram at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  This hologram is the top plate of “The Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture”.


Wooden model of “The Gate into Aether”- the ice ring of infinities with 18 hyperbolic sections.


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