The “Water Lily” is the fourth of the “Vision Portal” paintings which depicts a waking vision Burgess had in 1968 during the Vietnam War.

Its meaning is to bring a centering of peacefulness to our world.



[canvas: 17’6” x 10’6”]

Studies for "The Water Lily" Vision Portal

“The Inclined Galactic Light Pond” - 1968-1974 - The First Aspect of “The Quiet Axis”

The detailed, revised drawing of the positioning of the 12 holographic plates of “The Inclined Galactic Light Pond”.


In 1968, after listening to the Evening News, Burgess felt overwhelming despair over the slaughter taking place in Vietnam. His response to the despair was a vision of a hovering lake of water lilies inclined in the air shimmering in the autumn light. This vision would be the first aspect to reposition the global axis in order to shift the energy to bring a centering of peace to our world.

In 1974, Burgess traveled to The Valley of Kushkak near Bamiyan, Afghanistan to install the first aspect of The Quiet Axis entitled “The Inclined Galactic Light Pond”.


The drawing of the positions and angles of the 12 holographic plates of “The Inclined Galactic Light Pond”.


During the next six years, the development of holography made his vision of a hovering lake possible. He then created a visionary lake of holograms called


“The Inclined Galactic Light Pond”.

Burgess placed 12 holographic plates of water lilies and stars in the plane of our galaxy in six pits in the earth. This was along a mile and a half axis, sloping at a 12 degree angle from the floor of the Valley of Kushkak, near Bamiyan, Afghanistan.


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