The “Rose” is the fifth of the “Vision Portal” paintings which depicts a vision Burgess had in Bamiyan, Afghanistan in which a rose-like scarlet essence appeared from the other side of the world- Easter Island.

Its meaning is to unfold the ‘potentiality of the world‘.


[canvas:  15’ x 10’]

Studies for "The Rose" Vision Portal

“The Utopic Vessel” -1974-1978-  The Second Aspect of “The Quiet Axis”

Burgess study of “The Utopic Vessel”-1974.


In Afghanistan, a further intuition unfolded. Beneath Burgess’ feet, a scarlet essence drew  him  through the center of the earth into the Pacific and heavens, and through those heavens toward the cloud of Magellan. From the “Inclined Galactic Light Pond” extended an axis- a threading ladder by which to descend.


Burgess placed 12 holographic plates of water lilies and stars in the plane of our galaxy in six pits in the earth. This was along a mile and a half axis, sloping at a 12 degree angle from the floor of the Valley of Kushkak, near Bamiyan, Afghanistan.


Painting of “The Utopic Vessel”-1976.


During the next six years, all of the elements of “The Utopic Vessel” were assembled.  The central holographic book opened on a bed of saffron, pollen and yeast encased in honey- called the “Immortal Ear” for listening to the center of our galaxy.


Inside elements of  “The Utopic Vessel”.

“The Utopic Vessel”- Rapa Nui, Easter Island, South Pacific -1978


The outer vessel of “The Utopic Vessel” is inscribed with the starry heavens and a path of star steps to the large cloud of Magellan through the Gate of Orion.

Easter Island- Burgess assembled and transported “The Utopic Vessel” by boat to be placed on the ocean floor.


In 1978, “The Utopic Vessel” was assembled on Rapa Nui and released to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean opposite through the center of the earth from the “Inclined Galactic Light Pond” in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.


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