The “Flower of Flowers” is the eighth of the “Vision Portal” paintings which began in 1980 and then worked again in 2006. It is the portal of the deep meanings of the Moon shared by all

peoples of the World. It is the unity of all the seven previous “Vision Portals”.


Its meaning is to bring the totality of life into its flowering fruition.

[canvas: 15’ x 12’]

Studies for "The Flower of Flowers" Vision Portal

“The Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture” -1976-1989- The Second Aspect of “The Quiet Axis”

“The Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture” is the journey of the Utopic Vessel backward in time and space, through the earth into outer space.


The hypercube is meant to be a source of reassurance and a total release and freedom of the everything/nothing.

The center of “The Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture” is a vacuum chamber surrounded by holograms of nothing.


 This cube vacuum chamber floats in the distilled waters of the world (the water of waters) inside a larger cube whose surface displays the above holographic text.


Put on the burden and pain unmeshed

Of shadowed waters none can retrieve

A blackness, the utmost symmetry, as clotted blood. It moves not, nor is, nor’s not.

O before, utterly before, yet after, after all forsakenness; Darkness beyond all darkness, even there, Slightly lifting, the boundless Cube.

“The Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture” was lifted into zero gravity in outer space by NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery in March of 1989.

Burgess retrieved “The Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture” after orbiting earth 93 times aboard Space Shuttle Discovery, making a 3 million mile wrapping around the earth.

After returning from space, the cube hovers in its own magnetic field in a 400 million year old rock outcrop, beside Sandy Pond, in Lincoln, Massachusetts.


Moon Arts Group - MoonArk - 2018 Museum on the Moon

Led by Lowry Burgess, a team of international artists, scientists, designers and engineers have developed a deep human gift and gesture for the Moon called the MoonArk.


The idea behind the MoonArk is to create a museum of “where we are, in this very moment”; therefore, all original works have been made for this museum.

The MoonArk is a pentagonal structure made of four chambers and weighs no more than six  ounces– an extreme technical feat. A twin of these chambers will also be constructed to be exhibited on Earth.


The concept for the chambers describes a progression of the journey of leaving home, journeying toward a goal, achieving the goal, and then journeying onward rather than returning home.

The sculpture will be shuttled to the moon in 2018 and exist there for potentially billions of years.

The MoonArk, museum on the moon, contains elements representing all the Arts and Humanities (art, architecture, design, music, drama, ballet, and poetry) –all using the most advanced sciences, engineering, technologies, and material science–from the nano- and micro- scales, to the infinite scales including ongoing deep space radio-wave transmissions.


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